Essential quilt tools. sewing machine, rotary cutter, scissors, seam ripper and rulers

A Beginners List of Quilting Supplies

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Are you new to quilting and wonder what you need to get started? There are so many options, it can take a lot of time to figure out what is really necessary.  I made a list of what I think are the most essential tools to begin quilting.

I have included links to my favorite products.  These are not affiliate links.

Sewing machine, rotary cutter, seam ripper, scissors, rulers

CUTTING MAT: 24"x 36" If using a rotary cutter, which I recommend, then you need a cutting mat to cut your fabric on. Click here for more information.

ROTARY CUTTER: This is so important to helps cut straight lines, and it helps the cutting go much quicker. Click here for more information.

LONG RULER: 24" length  This is super helpful when there is width of fabric cuts on the quilt pattern. Click here for more information.

RULER WITH DEGREES ON IT: 6" x 12" This is easy to use for smaller cuts and has degrees that help for patterns that have you cut on an angle. Click here for more information.

SEWING MACHINE: I have a Janome and have found it to be super easy to use. If you are just starting quilting, you don't need the most expensive machine. You should look for is something that can sew straight lines and have a back stitch. Click here for more information.

1/4" SEWING MACHINE FOOT: Some sewing machines will come with a 1/4" foot.  If it doesn't, you can buy one separately.  I have found it so helpful to keep seams consistent throughout the quilt. If your machine does not come with one, you will have to research which one goes with your machine. I didn't use one for years, but I love having it now. 

WALKING FOOT: A walking foot is super helpful for attaching binding and doing your own quilting if you want to quilt with straight lines. It helps to feed your fabric through the machine evenly, and not bunch up on one end or the other. If your machine does not come with one, you will have to research which one goes with your machine. Again, I did not have one for many years, but wouldn't want to live without it now. This is also really helpful if you are using slippery, stretchy or linen type fabrics.

FABRIC SCISSORS: Regular scissors will do, but if you can get fabric scissors, they are amazing! Click here for more information.

SEAM RIPPER:  Unfortunately, I use this more that I would like.  However, it is much easier to remove seams with a seam ripper instead of with scissors. Click here for more information.

LOOKING FOR A GREAT BEGINNER QUILT PATTERN? I recommend the Mckenna Quilt Pattern. It is made with a jelly roll, so there is very little cutting needed.  It is great for helping you get really consistent with 1/4" seam allowance! Click here for the pattern!

blue and purple quilt on rock next to lake and mountains

Choose your favorite solid jelly roll (above is Kona Peacock jelly roll) or your favorite fabric designs! Below, I used Ruby Star Society Stay Gold. 

colorful floral fabric in yellow, blue, pink, orange and green

NEED FABRIC? Piece Fabric Co has a great selection of fabric! Click here for more details!

You may find as you try more patterns that more tools are recommended, but this is a great place to start! Is there a tool you can't live without? Leave a message in the comments! I'd love to hear about it!

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